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a love letter to stephen colbert :)

paris eiffel tower classicThis will be a respite for anyone who isn’t really into words 🙂  I love words so my posts are normally full of them with a few images thrown in for interest… old school photojournalism…

but I am still reeling from Friday and, like all grieving processes, it is complex and without any obvious or simple path…

I was missing Jon Stewart on Friday – and wondering if Stephen would fill his shoes.  As one of my major-I-will-never-meet-you celebrity crushes, the stakes were high.


He is now playing with silly cats – and even sporting cat ears… I know the look – it is my default Halloween costume 🙂


only in paris

But it is the right ending to a show filled with French symbolism, speeches worthy of political leaders, cool military guys, an interesting artist – and even Bill Maher – another crush!

He really did right by France.  And, in tribute, I am posting a few more iconic photos of Paris…

we need undying love now more than ever

we need undying love now more than ever

Paris, je tàime toujours…

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