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Mr. Dressup taught me how to throw a party

It has been suggested that I am pretty good at parties…  I guess the test will happen in a few weeks…  I’ve learned a few things about hospitality over the years but my first party demonstrates the perils of letting your children watch television unsupervised 🙂  You would need to be old and Canadian to know who Mr. Dressup is but he was a huge role model in my childhood.  And one random weekday Mr. Dressup and his friends had a party.  It seemed really cool – especially because it seemed to be a great excuse to eat cake and drink Kool-Aid.  And, as my mom would tell you, in those days I was a fussy eater and began every meal asking what the dessert was… it was just a strategic plan to see whether it was worth getting through the main course…

But to get back to the party concept… Mr. Dressup did not mention that you needed to clear it with your mother – or your caterer – before you threw a party… so I just ran around the neighbourhood inviting every child that I knew to a party at my house at a specific day and time.  I DID get that part right 😉  Needless to say, my mother wasn’t too impressed when about 20 children descended on our backyard looking for cake.  I explained I was throwing a party!  She explained that party planning involved more than just inviting the guests… but she is an amazing mom so she produced Kool-Aid and some kind of fun food.  Maybe the mini chocolate bars she used to stash in the cupboard to feed her own habit 🙂

SHE is the reason my first party was a smashing success.  And I think I have learned a few things about parties, guests and hospitality over the years.  I am sure there will be more party stories… hey, I almost had a helicopter land on the roof of a penthouse.  I nixed that plan but the party was still dramatic enough for reality TV… which had not yet been invented… but you will have to keep reading if you want that story 😉

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