a unique perspective on this crazy world


Please bear with me… this is a work in progress as I learn how to fully embrace the digital age and put my history of keeping a journal and writing lots of letters – longhand – into a new format.

I just reached what I am hoping is the midpoint of my life.  Both my grandmothers were born at the turn of the century and lived until almost the century mark while surviving two world wars, the great depression, a lack of options for women in all sorts of realms and a level of technology that would likely cause a modern child to slit his wrists in defeat… so if they can almost break 100, why shouldn’t I? 😉  (The men in my family did dumb things like smoke so they all died young…)

so… it is not totally clear yet just what this beast will grow up to be…

but I am an incorrigible flirt, a world traveler and a weirdo so at least a few people already live vicariously through me…

perhaps you will join the team…

you can thank my friend Yvonne for the “life on planetm” concept…

It’s because my father told me to just do my own thing… and I had him and his mother as my role models…  when people in your own family make John Wayne seem a little boring (and I mean the dude on film!), you know you have quite the legacy to uphold 🙂

So you become the kind of girl who flies to Africa alone and arrives at the Arusha Coffee Lodge late at night and spies some guy sitting alone with his laptop – so you wander over to see if he has internet access because you want to watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup… from somewhere in the middle of Africa!

And he says, “who are you?  Some tiny white girl who roams around in the developing world all by herself?”  But he is Canadian by birth, an IT geek and intrigued… so you don’t manage to watch the entire game but you DO see some of it, hear the final period on CBC radio, accompany your new friend to rifle through the front desk trying to find internet access codes as some dude with a shotgun wanders up… but your new friend explains so the guy with the gun shines his flashlight on papers to help you find the internet codes…

You get to your room, which is amazing, just in time to pack and get shuttled to the small plane that will fly you over Tanzania for the first time and deposit you in the middle of the migration in the Serengeti…

and much flirting will ensue and you will fall in love with the country…  kind of learn how to use your expensive camera… collect yet more great stories… vow to return…

that’s how life goes on planetm…

A unique planet with its own DNA… but no Rovers required… just a few mouse clicks…

Comments on: "About" (2)

  1. You are correct Marla, the “About” section is quite cleverly hidden! Thank you for mentioning it!! XO, YT

  2. I am agree with Yvonne. It was very interesting to read.

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