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it’s the end of the world as we know it :)


Apparently 2012 is quite the year to be celebrating a milestone birthday!  The movie came out just as I was having a non-significant birthday so was inspired to host a grand party for 50 since it might be the last one all the guests will ever attend  😉  Conveniently R.E.M. already wrote a theme song for me!  Music… theme songs… a big element of my life…

My poor guests are going to be subjected to the soundtrack of my life.  I think anyone with an interest in music has a soundtrack but most people don’t realize it.  Mine has been inspired by a number of events.

First, the fact that as a teenager I had atrocious taste in music, so my transformation into someone with better musical taste was not a casual event.  Second, I live in the city that hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics and when I went to the free Blue Rodeo concert by myself (because Feb is insanely busy for me work-wise and the visit was spontaneous), I realized almost all my boyfriends had a Blue Rodeo song and I could re-live my entire romantic history gratis – with fireworks at the end!  The final inspiration was my astonishing realization that some people don’t care about music.  It is not their form of cheap therapy.  When my dad died, choosing the right music to play at his funeral created a family crisis.  He was this guy to whom I owe so many of my best qualities but I had never appreciated the dude didn’t care about music.

But I do! Truly, Madly, Deeply… one of my favourite films.  And, while music may have not been on my father’s radar screen, my love of cinema is totally him…

So my guests will be subjected to images, sounds and words – all carefully chosen by me – at my birthday bash.  But at least there will be free food and booze… and I will do my best to keep the world from ending 😉

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