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Of course, this is me putting a ballot in her hand and sometimes she had some kooky opinions so…

I have been trying to stay chill about all the insanity south of the border but the aforementioned grandmother was born in the USA so I have always had a complex relationship with both countries.

When I was growing up in Canada, the USA was notably cooler and I longed to be American and was distressed to hear that my father could likely have emigrated to California when I was a young child.  Instead, I was feeding pigs in sparsely populated parts of Canada growing muscles so I could beat boys at arm wrestling… seriously?

one of the strongest women ever born

one of the strongest women ever born

So, naturally, I learned all the words to the American national anthem, could list all the presidents in order, knew not only all the states but also all their capitals!  My grandmother would quiz me in the backseat while my father muttered that Canada was a better place to live.

In high school I took American History as an elective and used to be able to eruditely explain the three branches of government.  At 17, I managed to secure a highly competitive spot on the UN Pilgrimage for Youth, which also meant a free trip to DC where I even met a young aide to a congressman who later wrote to me about the Iran hostage crisis where Canada did the kind of stuff that Canada does best.

I have always known Americans and been invested in the country in a way that foreign aliens normally are not.

Some of them are batshit-crazy and it is a very complicated place but there is much to admire and I owe some of my success in life to Americans so I know it’s important to remember the facts.

My American grandmother (and her Canadian son – who would hate to have to acknowledge some of his great wisdom was kind of American :)) were likely the biggest influences on my life.  Despite some of her crazy opinions (you have to cut her some slack – she was born in 1906), she had a lot of wisdom and some incredibly progressive views.

I was one of the few girls growing up in the 70s with a father who was practically a feminist.  He turned my mom from a classic housewife of the era to a kick-ass role model who even ran for mayor in her misogynistic small town.  That was my unconventional Swedish metrosexual grandfather and his outspoken wife.

These are people who would have voted for Hillary.  When my niece was a little more aggressive than was really advisable for a five year old, my grandmother just said, “it`s good.  She`s a girl.  She can defend herself“

My grandmother grew up in a world where only the really tough girls who could beat boys at arm wrestling had any chance 🙂  In truth, though, women never win by brawn but instead by brains.  By being tough, tenacious and smarter than the average man 😉

My grandmother showed me how tough and incredible women can be and she always supported and encouraged strong women.  So I know she would have loved Hillary.

As a foreign alien woman, it is all a little disheartening that there is any question she SHOULD be President.  I have been saying it for months and – oddly – many comedians are saying the same thing…

WTF, USA???   Hey, I love comedians… but their job is supposed to be to be funny… not the smartest person  in the room…

I’m not just with her… I wish we would accept the globalization of the world and let all of us cast a vote.  There was actually a global poll where Gore won by a landslide… really!  I am sure Hillary would do even better!!!

Make my grandmother proud… vote for the candidate who IS the most QUALIFIED person EVER to be President of the United States of America.  It`s a no-brainer if you have ever done a civics class.

My grandmother was kind of like a female Clint Eastwood.  Don`t piss her off.  I am sure she has lots of time to haunt people who make bad choices 🙂




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