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I am working WAY too much so still have many travel stories to tell but was randomly googling late at night and see Flora MacDonald died recently… so a tiny post…

She was never as famous as Hillary Clinton but in some ways she was more important.  Flora was the first important female politician I ever connected with.  In my strange youth, I was REALLY political… hey, a lot of people – me included – thought I would be Prime Minister…

But politics involves a lot of stuff a Spock-like logic-driven person like me determines at a young age she will not excel at… so… you get the blog instead 😉

Nevertheless, my teenage years were not focused on getting drunk or high or even getting laid… I was strategizing how I could save the world… OK, I should have just went with the normal teenage experiences where at least I could have realized my goals 😉

But that is how my girl crush on Flora MacDonald began… she seemed cool… she was a female with political clout… and she was a “red Tory”… fiscal conservatism with liberal views…

I idolized her!  And then I got selected for the Forum for Young Canadians while she was in Ottawa.  We were all geeky kids with political agendas.  I wanted to meet Flora MacDonald!

Unfortunately, she had been in a car accident and wasn’t in Ottawa.  Her staff gave me a signed photo and other fan memorabilia – and talked to me about her.

I really wish I had been able to meet her.  I think she would have been an outstanding Prime Minister.  She was a woman ahead of her time – and the kind of role models I am always seeking.

Check her out!  She is the kind of woman who deserves to be famous… but she was far too busy doing useful stuff to worry about posting to Instagram 😉



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