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I may get better at posting in the moment but I did write this then… and it won`t be relevant again until next May 🙂

Blue, green and clean!  That’s my second impression of Norway.  My first is that I likely should have arrived with a drinking plan 😉  It’s the first time arrivals spills you into a giant duty-free liquor store.  I gather you can stock up until you hit customs.  I’ve been in Sweden so know the pain of ordering a beer but the plan isn’t to sit in my room and drink alone so I’ll just have to cope with sticker shock.

clean green oslo

fresh air personified 🙂

There are a lot more clouds than in Paris but the sun is trying to poke through – and it’s beautiful with all the moody clouds and hints of blue sky.

It is the most expensive taxi ride of my life but hauling my luggage around after shopping in Paris is unpleasant.  Taking a taxi is the “Paris shoe shopping tax.” 🙂  I would definitely recommend packing lighter and do the necessary research to take the airport train to Sentraal Station.

The hotel is delightful – and my best deal so far in Oslo!  I am staying at the Hotel Bristol, one of the Oslo grande dames.  Lots of history, over the top décor and inventive cocktails in the Bristol Grill Bar.  I am drinking a “How I Met Your Mother”.  It’s almost worth the money just watching the production of making it.  Bourbon, maple syrup, chocolate bitters – and cinnamon smoke! (the most fun part to watch)


I haven’t explored much of the city yet but there are some beautiful historical buildings, mostly repurposed.  It’s a gorgeous day so some nice photos.  I will eventually learn more about what I have photographed 🙂

norwegian blue skies

pretty government 😉

Tomorrow is Norway’s National Day, when Norway got its own constitution in 1814.  Yes, it is the 200th anniversary!

So tomorrow should be exciting – and I should learn something about Norwegian history I can share.  Maybe even why they kick ass at the Winter Olympics despite a population under five million 😉

The weather eventually turned on me but there were many glorious days filled with fluffy clouds, blue skies and the freshest air I’ve breathed in a very long time.  Norway can’t escape the bad habits of the rest of the planet – but it’s a great place to indulge in fantasies that we are not actually destroying the planet in real time…


Comments on: "the land that climate change forgot ;)" (2)

  1. Anonymous said:

    Beautiful country indeed… our last trip was a few years ago and Paul distinctly remembers that a slice of pizza at Pizza Hut was Cdn$17.50 (we didn’t treat ourselves!) Fortunately knew about the airport train – I can’t imagine what that set you back. Despite the sticker shock it is a lovely city relatively unscathed by tourists. Loved the history and the style.

  2. Totally agree. Was so gorgeous – and the air was so fresh. I did wish I had spent more time planning as I wasn’t quite ready for the sticker shock.

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