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I am still feeling a little shell-shocked by the World Cup.  In the best possible way of course 😉  I have already publicly declared my support for die Mannschaft 🙂

go deutschland!!!

go deutschland!!!

But they were playing Messi!  And, as expected, I had to remember not to hold my breath for 124ish minutes.  As I’ve previously acknowledged, I was lured into (world) football by lust – and friendship.  It was a way to connect, but I also loved the concept of a true world game and the potential that offered for connection between cultures.

So it’s been an unexpected journey since 2002 when a Canadian friend who had grown up in Iran first introduced me to the concept.  It took a couple World Cups before that hmmm…interesting grew into anything further.

rodz alpen house

my world cup coach 🙂

But now that I am a Whitecaps seasons’ ticket holder bringing along boys who will teach me the game, my first serious World Cup was a revelation.  Because I now cared, I needed a team and my long, complicated history with the Deutsch meant they had to be my team.  Luckily one of my friends was also supporting Germany so it provided an extra level of engagement. As I told Rodz, it would not have been the same without him.  There is something magical about the fan experience.

My fascination and respect for the Germans has spanned decades and is more novella than blog post.  Just a few highlights on the journey to die Mannschaft…

I grew up in the 80s when the Germans seemed to understand economics so much better than North America so I was soft on them at a young age 🙂  Then my arrival in Deutschland happened to coincide with the Berlin Wall falling…

People, Germans CAN get emotional 😉  And that is how I met them.  One of my young memories was wishing I could speak German!  Because I was missing out on the whole story.

berlin wall

the wall comes down… jurgen and the bear named snuff 🙂

The beginning also of my love affair with the Dutch.  That is how I met some now middle aged guy named Jurgen I would love to connect with as he is the most incredible memory for me of November 1989.  Because, of course, the Dutch speak so many languages – and he had skipped school to come to Berlin – and tried to negotiate with the dudes sporting guns on the top of the wall to pose with the stuffed bear I was carrying around Europe as a mascot…

That experience played a big part in me falling in love with a German guy years later…

And so it goes… and how I learned it’s not so easy being German (another subject worthy of a novella)… I look like I am… and was happy to fly the flag.

They represented many of the things I love about the Deutsch.  They played as a team.  They had a plan and stayed focused.  They looked for opportunities and then brought their special sauce to capitalize.

I can’t quite believe the team I picked for my first World Cup has won 🙂  Vielen dank!!!  It is not easy watching soccer in Vancouver.  Very few people care.  It was hard to just go home after such a historic victory so I thought I would try for a celebratory beer at a bar sporting a German flag (we had watched it at the Commodore courtesy of the White Caps).

It ended up being a perfect ending.  Wearing a jersey and having a German flag sticking out of your purse will help you connect 🙂  So, ended the wonderful day connecting with some German tourists.  They taught me a new word – Weltmeister.

So true…Messi tried… Schweinsteiger manned up big time… and a couple of substitutes won the World Cup…

Götze – you make me inspired to perfect the “o” umlaut – the hardest thing for an English speaker to say properly.  Handing off from Klose… wow!  And Schürrle deserves a lot of love (a game of umlauts apparently 😉 … and Neuer – mein Gott!

But everyone played a part… it was a team victory over the entire tournament.  Face it – Germany has its shit together 🙂

Why it is not a generally beloved country… but go meet some Germans.  I have met a lot and, almost uniformly, they are amazing people with a dark, wicked sense of humour.  What are you gonna do when most people think you are a Nazi? 😉

Ich liebe Deutschland – not just today 😉  And Müller… also mein Gott!  But it couldn’t have been done without Lahm, özil, Podolski, Hummels, Khedira, Kroos, Boeateng…

I will need a new jersey for 2018 😉  But I will paint an extra star on this one as proof I believed from the beginning 😉

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