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WOW!  Jimmy Carter is on Stephen Colbert… he is almost 90 and he is SO cool!  I used to be wildly political.  I think I still am but I am not as sure the most effective political channel… but I watched Jimmy win.  My father and I used to watch all the elections… the primaries and the leadership conferences… the whole shebang…

and Jimmy was president during the Iran crisis… not the Argo nonsense… but the sensible American president and the impressive Canadian ambassador… not the stuff of Hollywood drama and still not well publicized but the stuff of honour and self-esteem.

It was interesting to see that Jimmy really was the dude to make ex-presidents cool… I always kind of thought he invented it but was far too busy when I was young to be able to fact check…

But, yes, the peanut farmer from Georgia whom I revered as a teenager was one of the original “good guys”… go, Jimmy!

Warren, Bill, Bill… good to see you out there waving your arms around, throwing money at the third world and issuing press releases… but you will never be Jimmy Carter…

Jimmy and Stephen – thank you for tonight.  You both inspire me to be a better person, give me faith in the great ideals on which the United States of America was founded, and – most impressively – show that the south can be a place of inspiration for anyone in the world who wants us all to get along better and create a community of cooperation and equality.

If these two amazing dudes are not yet on your radar, check them out!

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