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fifty shades of boring…

We are going to get back to interesting things like world culture, I promise 🙂   But I am really jet-lagged so I am taking a bit of latitude…

And cause, honestly people, I am BORED!  I have been doing my best to ignore “Fifty Shades of Grey.”  Cause it sounds dumb.

Women should be aspiring to be CEOs.  To be rich.  To dominate men.  Not the bullshit that supposedly this book is promoting.  I will never know because I am the crazy woman of principle raised by a number of generations of kick-ass women – who would just kick the ass of the idiot dude in this book as soon as he brought out the handcuffs – if I have the sort of plot correct…

Girls, seriously, WHAT THE HELL???  What is wrong with you?  I only know the commentary I have read on what I gather is a blight on the literary landscape of the 21st century… and a step backward for womankind.  I am never gonna buy  it… but I have been in a lot of airports since it got famous… and I can’t ignore it.

And having had a couple of experiences with the douche bags of the male genetic line, all I can say is, ladies, get real.  Get confident.  Find a cool, geeky, cute guy.  Or someone like my father – James Dean raised by a strong woman who would have broken his kneecaps if he didn’t treat women right.

Trust me… a lot of men out there love a strong woman.  And strong women are our future.  I have no idea the gender of god.  But on the whole women make better decisions for the planet.  And smart men get that.  Do you want to be part of some regressive past where women were the play objects of men?  Or do you want to play with all the history imposed on women and dress up in great lingerie, a pencil skirt and some great heels and sip a glass of champagne you bought with your own cash – so you can just sit there and play with all the dudes who come up wondering who the hell you are… and try to get your attention…

It really works… and girls, it is Fifty Shades of Awesome.  Please don’t sell yourselves short.  Men want to make us happy.  A little confidence.  A lot of charm.  I know my father was a man of his generation and it disturbed him that men liked me enough I didn’t have to just go for the very first one… but he was the dude who gave me the confidence and the understanding that there would be good guys out there.  Compromise was not necessary.  But good judgment would be key.  And, personally, I think that means the first dude who tries to handcuff you, cuff him first and get the hell out of there 😉

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  1. Hey m, I was wondering when you would get to this :). I fully agree with you, strong women far more interesting than submissive ones. Still, the fact that this guys is getting rich off these books suggests his soft core bondage porn has a significant female audience. I read recently that the Kindle version is very popular a women can read it in public without ppl knowing. So they want to read it, but feel guilty/ashamed that they are reading it? Who gets to star in the sure-to-be-made movies…

    Bigger question, what are the broader social implications of this popularity. Do you know anyone who has read it? Would they admit it?

  2. I really doubt I am the one to try and explain it 😉 I have been trying to ignore it but being a voracious reader I keep getting assaulted by the displays. As I learned from my father practically from birth, I will never be part of the majority. While I might strive to be popular, being populist is beyond me…

    So what the hell?!? I gather some of it is naughty Harlequin Romance for not very discerning housewives. And the crazy effect of mass appeal in the facebook age. Everyone is reading it – so you do too. The equivalent of a literary virus akin to the common cold.

    And, while I do find the politics of bondage disturbing, what really makes my heart sink is that I gather the big appeal isn’t the spanking but the dude buying the chick a bunch of stuff and calling all the shots. Most of the men who want to buy me champagne are pricks. Why any intelligent woman wants her own cash flow so she can call all the shots if required – now that’s a good, aspirational story 😉

  3. Hey Marla – just for the fun – I’m actually planning to read it myself, just to find out what all the hoo ha is about… First hand versus what I’ve heard and “people” have said. LOL, so stay tuned… And I drink Merlot, so you know I’m ok with flocking with the masses! XO! 🙂

  4. fair enough 🙂 I do understand the appeal… I gather it’s like when we drew pictures of naked people after we’d finished our problems in grade 5 math and passed them around and everyone added details and snickered 😉 I started my education young so I doubt I am going to learn anything new from the “grey” lady 😉 but tell us what your research yields! 🙂 I am not reading it partly out of principle cause I know the Marquis de Sade and I would not have been friends. As I’ve told all the dudes, I only do PLEASURE. and hey no regrets – or complaints – yet 🙂

  5. for another take on the politics of it all, there is a law and order SVU episode (Twenty-Five Acts) this season that is brilliant I think. of course I think law and order is the best television every written so…


  6. Ok, so I read it…. All three of them in fact… And while I would not say I’d recommend them far and wide, I am actually happy that it has people reading that might not otherwise be reading, and being entertained by something other than hours of (pseudo) reality TV. I suspect the books have also stimulated lots of thought and conversation about testing one’s own boundaries, and those of couples, which I think is also kinda cool…. I’m also happy that I can now form my own opinion… So that’s all for now… My current reading, “Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein. Written through the eyes of a dog who is in his last days of life… Very witty and humorous….

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