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That statement traditionally refers to an ingénue.  But I’ve always described Vancouver as a pretty girl who doesn’t have to try very hard.  Like a pretty young girl, it’s a city that doesn’t seem to have an economic plan or purpose.  It figures it will just find a rich husband – or three – and everything will be fine.  And so far it seems to be working.  It might suck for the rest of us but being pretty does seem to work…

I have been working to try and get my life under control a bit after all the travel so this post was actually inspired by events over a week ago – but, as if by divine providence, the sun came out today and it seemed the right day to write it after all…

A week ago this past Saturday was one of those glorious days when you remember Vancouver is one of the ten most beautiful cities in the entire world.  I can see the water from my living room window so was looking in the mirror to put on makeup in natural light and behind me there was this glorious swoosh of jet after jet of water.  I think it might be an installation put in for the 2010 Olympics.  There were spectacular water shows every night during the closing fireworks at Yaletown Live City.

The jets of water just accented the brilliant blue sky and water as the sun shone on the green grass of the park.  I may be a little more susceptible to aesthetics than most.  I really appreciate beautiful things, whether they are cities, architecture, art, fashion…  It’s definitely one of the reasons I have developed a gigantic crush on this piece of the earth that is hard to duplicate anywhere else.

I have had greater success falling for cities than falling for men 😉  Most of the relationships have lasted longer anyway… and been less complicated.

It was due to a guy that I first moved to Vancouver.  And it was when we broke up that I realized he and I may not be soulmates but this city was.  While I have never been anywhere that surpasses the beauty of this place on the right day, it is definitely a female city, moody and full of drama.  It’s more a low level passive-aggressive girlfriend, not a full blown Latina who might throw a heavy object at your head without warning.

Vancouver is the girl who cries to get her own way.  So, not surprisingly, on the day after the first significant breakup of my life, it was raining… but it was just a mist.  And I was still in my insane period where I lived here but refused to buy an umbrella, as if somehow by NOT owning an umbrella I could will away the rain 🙂

And most of the rain in Vancouver is sneaky.  It’s Scottish rain.  Lots of it… but often just a fine mist.  So it’s not so hard to survive without an umbrella.  Or not realize you are getting soaked to the skin.  When I started out wandering aimlessly around the city trying to figure out how I felt about my newly single status, I was dry.  And the rain was a very fine mist, easy to dismiss.  But I walked for hours, along stretches of forlorn beachfront, through residential neighbourhoods, along the Seawall into Stanley Park on a day the crowds were staying home.

When I finally arrived back home, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about the breakup or where my life was going to go.  I was only 24 so I knew my whole life was ahead of me.  And I knew I was absolutely SOAKED to the skin.  I had to take off every piece of clothing – and then dry myself with a towel.  I wrapped myself up in a fluffy robe and made some popcorn.  And thought about how I really didn’t know if I should be with Mike or not.  But I DID know he had brought me to this city.  And I WAS in LOVE with this city.  Even in the rain, I loved it.  It was a relationship that would last.  We will soon have our 30th anniversary.  Will I celebrate it with some guy – or will it just be the city and me? 😉

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