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I have been writing the posts,  just haven’t been able to get them on the internet…

Day 3 was also full of adventure and scheduled activities.  Our day began with a 6:30am transfer to the airport to catch our flight to Luxor.  There was an accident in Cairo so we were late arriving at the airport and got hustled onto the plane with a minimum of airport security and protocol.

When we arrived at Luxor airport we didn’t even waste time collecting our luggage (it arrived on the boat as if by magic).  We were transferred to an air-conditioned bus and taken to the Temple of Karnack.  I’ve already related my adventures there – but I did get to spend more time on the air-conditioned bus than anyone else!

Following Karnack, we had a delicious lunch on the boat.  That’s when I met Mohammed, who was my personal server for the entire cruise – and always made sure I had the best wine 🙂  It was a brief interval of happiness as we were quickly shuttled back onto the bus so that we could spend the hottest day of the trip wandering the desert looking at tombs.

By mid-afternoon it was so hot you just felt like you were being roasted in a large oven.  I seem to have managed to avoid sunburn despite the heat – the suggestion on the internet to drape yourself in a large shawl and wear a hat has proven to be great advice.

As already explained, my knowledge of Egyptian culture is a little more focused on the charming manners of the cute guys than on any proper understanding of Egyptian history.  I will buy a book – or more – and try to learn more to put all the incredible sites I have seen in context but for now you will just have to focus on the photos – once I post them.

Sonia organized our tour really well and made sure we saw both the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. The Valley of the Kings has the tombs of a bunch of famous pharaohs, including Ramses II and King Tut, so is on the top of the tourist list for Luxor.

Because of this Sonia reversed the order and we did the Valley of the Queens at peak tourist time and then snuck into the Valley of the Kings just before closing.  Egyptian tombs are incredible.  The amount of effort and expense put into a coffin!  But if you are coming back again – and will need all your stuff – it makes perfect sense.  It is mind boggling the level of detail in the decorations in the tombs.  What is more astonishing is that originally it was all in technicolour.

We finally got to spend some time on the boat.  My room was palatial.  You only knew you were on a boat because the shower was so tiny you bruised your elbows trying to wash your hair.  And the boat was air conditioned!  A few of us thought about ditching the sites and just hiding on the boat after that day in the Egyptian sun.  One of the Americans had the temperature on his watch – it was 118 degrees farenheit!

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