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As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, I have abandoned the concept of a day by day travelogue.  I have tons of photos so will organize them once I am home and that will provide the daily record of my adventures.

We saw a lot of temples!  If I have my facts straight, some started as temples to gods of the pharaoh time and then were converted and overwritten by Greeks and Romans – who also adopted some of the Egyptian traditions while living in Egypt.

The temples offer a surfeit of delights – incredible architecture, astonishing artistic work, many decades of history and wonderful photographic opportunities.  We went to Denderah, Kom Ombo, Luxor and Philae in addition to the ones previously mentioned.

We arrived at them by tour bus, horse drawn carriage, boat or simply by foot.  Each offered its own delights – great carvings, colour in the stories depicted on the walls, astonishing columns complete with capitals… the only common factor was the vendors trying to sell us stuff at every turn.

The only drawback to a tour is that the pace is really intense so I learned in the moment all sorts of facts about each temple but it’s tough to recall all these mental notes many days later.  I did buy a book about Egypt that I am hoping will piece all my photos together.  But our shopping opportunities were extremely limited so I had to settle for a book in French!

Hopefully in time I will be able to better explain the temples.  My main take-away at this point is that the temples were the first form of propaganda and advertising.  So each new group messed with the details left by the previous ones trying to impose the symbols and iconography of the new regime and Egyptian temples became a fascinating record of human conflict and arrogance.

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