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Apparently some of the recent posts have been inciting tears so I thought we should try something a bit less sappy 🙂  Still much to be said about friendships, family, relationships but we will talk about silly stuff tonight.

It’s shocking to me but until the last US election I was only vaguely aware of Jon Stewart and had never heard of Stephen Colbert.  Thank god I am a political junkie and thought I had to watch what indeed proved to be a historical US presidential race.  Watching political conventions and election results was one of the many activities I shared with my father while the other two members of the household looked at us as though we had two heads.

There is no doubt politics will find its way into this blog but most days I think a great sense of humour has more potential to effect positive change for individual citizens than the messy versions of democracy that get enacted on the global stage.

But that’s the kind of lesson you would learn from watching Jon Stewart 😉  He was my first love.  And while he and Stephen may not be quite in the same league as Brad Pitt or George Clooney, they each have considerable physical appeal.  But, of course, that is not what makes them sexy…

Most days I feel I am in a fairly small elite of the double X chromosome gang, but I think brains are sexier than muscles.  And a really smart guy with a deadly sense of humour… well – see above 🙂

I know most women think foreplay is the key.  But wordplay is even more enticing – when done well.  And the best guys know how to combine the two 😉

Both of them make me laugh out loud – a great honour.  I can’t decide who is sexier.  Jon is the modern, socially acceptable equivalent of a lion in the coliseum tearing apart some unsuspecting not so smart dude with crazy political views – but instead of being torn apart limb from limb, he is crushed by a superior intellect while the crowd smirks because the guy is too dense to realize exactly what is going down.  My heart pounds every time 😉

And then there is Stephen.  At first, like the Emmys, I figured he was not a real contender.  But then he made his strange – but funny – trip to Iraq.  And indulged in hilarious skits while he tried to find his way into the Vancouver Olympics while trashing my adopted city.  Unfortunately I was far too busy during the Olympics to stalk him while he was in my town but how can you not have a crush on a guy who reads Joyce in an Irish pub – and gets away with it…

But then there was Stephen Colbert interviewing Harry Belafonte.  The ultimate bromance 🙂  Be still, my beating heart!  There will be more about Harry in future posts.  I had no idea his life story until I saw a documentary at the Vancouver Film Festival this past October.  Sorry, Jon, Stephen – hands down, Harry is the sexiest!  If only I will be that charming and gracious when I am 85 🙂  At least I have the smile.  It’s my dad’s smile.  And his laugh.  I don’t laugh at dumb stuff – but when I do, you will know.  I like to think it’s infectious – the perfect type of virus 🙂

Comments on: "who’s sexier – Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert" (1)

  1. Anonymous said:

    Hey m, you do have a truly amazing laugh! That is one of the reasons it is such great fun to be with you. Everybody else in the place hears the laugh and wants to be part of the party! Infectious indeed

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