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the rewards of aging…

Getting old definitely has a bad rap.  Not too much seems to get written on the benefits of getting old.  But today has been great proof for me that reaching an advanced age does have its rewards, no credit cards required…

It was a more or less a typical workday.  This is my busiest period of the year where simply showering has to be scheduled in so dressing up for work really goes to the backburner.  But I am finally beginning to see the rewards of the long to do list from a few months ago being ticked off so decided I would put a little more effort into my outfit.

I own some stunning Alexander McQueen (from his last season) pumps in Yves Klein blue that I bought on sale on a fantastically memorable July 4th visit to NYC.  They get attention practically every time I wear them.  But today they were the catalyst for a bigger conversation.

One of my clients has recently hired a lot of new staff.  I have seen some great work being done by them.  So we talked work but also shoes… and Paris (where I am headed post-birthday).   The conversation was very rewarding and neither had been to Paris even once (versus my I don’t know how many times but I feel like a native) so I have now promised them something from Paris…

But that is the point of the heading – when you get old, you can afford a few random gifts – and can inspire young people 🙂

Every time I do this I think of my maternal grandmother… I remember my mom teasing her that she was flirting with her paperboy or the guy who delivered her groceries.  I have now realized that by that time she was in her 70s.  I was too young to really “get” it then but now I see myself doing it… bonding with young people… cause you are genuinely interested.  And BOY, do they respond.  And your life grows richer at some exponential rate.

She may not have been able to articulate what she was doing but she was reaping all the benefits possible from being old – and maybe a tiny bit wise… but rather than inflicting wisdom on youth, she engaged them and became part of their life stories in the nursing home…  the wisdom was not the goal but the sublime after effect of spending time time with her… I know I received it… without realizing what had happened until decades later…

I bonded with so many young people in a single day some of the adventures will have to find their way into future posts… life doesn’t get much better than that 😉

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