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Long ago there was a forgettable film called (I think 😉 “White Men Can’t Jump”.  Based on the results of the 2012 Olympics, it would appear they also can’t run!  But how wonderful is that for the world.  How magnificent that Africa – and tiny countries like Jamaica – can kick the butt of world superpowers?

And a kid born in Somalia whose parents came to Great Britain for a better life can be one of the great heroes of London 2012… and Olympic history.

I guess I’m not the only one that thinks “Imagine” should be the theme song of the Olympics.  What a start to the music celebration.  But, seriously, a middle-aged George Michael getting so much air time?  “Imagine” one of the greatest pop songs ever written.  “Freedom” just a catchy riff.  But Madness, Kate Bush, the Kaiser Chiefs singing The Who… better than average.  But where IS Bowie?

And The Spice Girls???  Have you lost your mind???  Did Beckham pay for this???  Not a great song – and they were one of the low points of Britpop.  I thought only 10 year old girls coming of age in the early 90’s cared.  A LOW LOW point Team GB.  You are SO much better than the Spice Girls.  Have you all gone insane???  I feel slimed.

GB, you NEED the immigrants!  Now Oasis???  The blowhards of the same period… who are kinda butchering their own song (cause only ONE brother will play?).  I saw these dudes twice in concert.  The first and second album.  Pre fame.  The first time they were OK but had no stage presence.  The second time they marched off stage around song two and getting a refund proved traumatic.  They dissed each other in the press – even though they were FAMILY.  Wankers all the way.  This is the image you want the world to have of you???

Where the hell is Danny Boyle?

But Monty Python… saving the day 🙂  But where is John Cleese?

Good job with Annie Lenox on a slave ship.  British theatre and music co-mingling in a world class way.

Speaking of world class and African guys who can run… how wonderful the marathon runners get their medals at the closing ceremonies.  And two beaming guys from Kenya.  And an upset gold medal from Uganda!  I like the underdogs and the surprises so how exciting.  A country that doesn’t medal, an unexpected winner.  In the best spirit of the Olympics.  He will never be as famous as Usain Bolt.  But he got his at least three minutes of fame.  And if you come from Uganda, that has got to be a bit surreal…  Congratulations, Stephen Kiprotich, Uganda’s second gold medal ever!

The British music party is fun.  And as a long time fan of British music who recognizes all the tunes it is lovely but what I really hope for the world is not more great pop songs – but more real Olympic spirit.

The Olympics these days are so much about cash – and the security budget for less than three weeks of non-stop coverage by the lucky networks that have the rights could power some small countries for a year.

The spectacles are fun.  And I am watching along with likely a billion other people.  But what I will take away from the 2012 Olympics games are the wins by nations or athletes who are not white or from countries with lots of bucks (or at least ones who can sustain a huge debt!)

Let’s hope that the fact that apparently white men don’t run very fast on a world scale will encourage us to all join together, mix gene pools and unite the world in some shade of brown – be it beige, tan or chocolate – that will prove that multiculturalism works… and that John Lennon wasn’t delusional after all…

“just imagine”…

it is the starting point.  And not impossible at all.  But also not easy.  So we will need a lot more than flashy spectacle.  It won’t be Twitter that changes the world – but the hard thought and planning of 18th century philosophers…

Congratulations to Team GB, the city of London and all the international athletes who made it such a spectacular show!

p.s. I am due to depart for London mid-September so will be interesting to see the mood of post-Olympics London (I will be reporting in my non-official capacity 😉

p.p.s. thank god for Roger Daltrey!  The senior citizen makes sure it doesn’t end on a lame note.  “My Generation” speaks a little bit to the Olympics.  But not at all in the same way as “Imagine”.  And where are all the myriad multimillionaires of Britpop?  Obviously they are either too greedy – or don’t care about sport?  The divide is wide.  I am one of those rare weirdos who appreciates equally a great sporting performance and a great cultural performance.  But normally the twain do not meet.  So the spectacles of the Olympics that should be celebrating a country’s culture fall flat with the likes of me.  But The Who far surpass a lame Sir Paul… and likely one of the best closing moments of an Olympics.  Brazil – whattayagot?  It might be spectacular 😉

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